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The Other Half of Fox & Fluevog

March 17, 2008

peter fox We’ve all heard the story of Fluevog: Origins.  John Fluevog and a friend happened upon a container of pristine vintage shoes, and promptly set up Fox & Fluevog through which to flog them off.  At some point, they decided to design and manufacture their own shoes, and somewhere along the line a fissure presented through the ampersand, and they went their separate ways.

We all know the conclusion to the Fluevog part of the story.  I’d presumed that Peter Fox has wandered off somewhere and sunk into obscurity.  My ignorance can be blamed upon my interest in wedding shoes predeceasing even John’s stab at the genre.

Peter Fox has a sprightly little concern, churning out all sorts of throwback designs for women to hide beneath tulle and chiffon.  He does a fair line in movie shoes too, proving that the obvious might not have been the prettiest thing in Legends of the Fall after all.