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Reason #49 Why We Love Fluevogs: They’re Timeless

March 19, 2008

clock2Fluevogs are never the highest fashion.  A Fluevog is anyone else’s shoe, rotated a precise 27 degrees to the left.  Fluevogs forge their own fashion.

Because Fluevogs are never of a time, they’re never past their time.  You never spend a couple of hundred dollars on a Fluevog and know you’ll only wear them for a season.  You can always wear your Fluevogs and know that they’ll always be noticed, appreciated or scorned on their own merits, not due to vagaries of opinion.

When I was a child, I imagined all the shoes that I’d buy when my feet stopped growing.  I imagined a pair of bone court shoes that I’d own in three different heights.  I’m happy to report that, fully-grown, I own neither bone shoes nor court shoes nor shoes in multiple heights.  But my Fluevog investments are of the same ilk: shoes I imagine wearing forever.


Reason #34 Why We Love Fluevogs: They Push Our Boundaries

October 1, 2007

My friend made me sign up to MySpace.  I’d thought it was going to be a bastion of spam, sex offenders and teenagers who think the ellipses is the only necessary punctuation.  But I trusted my friend; she’d lead me right in the past, I let her lead me this time.  I shouldn’t have.

I trust John Fluevog too.  I let him lead me places I wouldn’t go on my own.  I let him convince me to buy shoes that complement nothing in my wardrobe.  I consider shoes that I’d never look twice at if they hadn’t arrived from a generally Canadian direction.  Sometimes it doesn’t always go well.  There are one or two pairs of beautiful but entirely unworn shoes in my closet.  Mostly it goes just fine.

When we buy a Fluevog, we buy it because it’s a great shoe.  Sometimes, it might not quite be ‘us’, a bit too garish, a bit too strange. but we give it a chance, and it becomes us.  We change to morph around our shoe.  We become garish and strange.  Our Fluevogs take us new places.


Reason #76 Why We Love Fluevogs: They Inspire Emotion

September 13, 2007

 It’s hard to be ambivalent about Fluevogs.  “Ugly”, “weird-looking” and “hideous” say some.  The rest of us sometimes say the same thing, but call it a reason for love.  At other times, we say “gorgeous” and “inspired” and “gimme”.

A new Fluevog can steal our breath.  A new Fluevog can make us instantly covet.  And then sometimes, a new Fluevog can cause us to regret lunch.

I’ve had people stop me in the street to ask where I got my shoes.  I’ve had my adored footwear damned with faint praise (“Oh, they’re colourful” and “Well, they’re unusual”).  And I’ve seen others’ choices and wondered if they had some strange reason for picking the bad ones.

Say what you will about Fluevogs, but never say “meh”.