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Happy International Fluevog Day!

May 15, 2008

You better be wearing Vogs today.

And you know you need more.  Check out teh dealz.


Vog Populi: New Pinup or Fellowship Hi?

April 23, 2008

vogpopuli If you receive the Fluevog newsletter or are a fan of Fluevog on Facebook, I’m about to bore you with stuff you’ve already heard.

Fluevog have a Vog Populi poll going, asking whether to expand the Pinup or FellowshipHi families.

I haven’t been able to vote yet.  I just can’t decide.  The Pinup family is a gorgeous WWII throwback style with some fascinating heel detail – I have two pairs (including the gorgeous maroon Miss November).  I only have one pair from the FellowshipHi family and it has a very comfy toe shape, but the heel is a bit dull.  However, it’s a FellowshipHi up there in the Flueblog banner, so that has to count for something.

Perhaps you’ll have better luck choosing.

Vote here.


Spring Fluevogs Arrive

March 29, 2008

Spring’s a-coming!

It’s certainly not the weather that indicates that things are looking up, season-wise; it snowed today.  Instead, the calendar is marked in more Voggy ways: the arrival of new Fluevogs. has a couple of pages of the new stuff, mostly boring men’s stuff, orthopedic sandals and a relatively cute boot that comes in far too many variations upon the theme of ‘brown’.  The motherload is at Zappos.

spring 1

I’m unconvinced by the candy cane heels on the Blind Faith Nicolette.  The Teapot Yunnan is a tad straight-jackety.  The Ashbury is giving me ‘Nam flashbacks to those dreadful Diors Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing in the Sex and the City movie stills.

At least I adore the blue and brown Mini Pipsqueak (and hope it will come out in even more ice-cream colours).  And the purple Memories Truly is pretty cute, even if a bit too cutely pretty.  And satin.

Spring forecast: Partly sunny.

spring 2

UPDATE: Ooo! Even more new season styles can be spied in the snapshot of the Fluevog Gastown Opening Party here.


Fluevog Returns to Vancouver’s Gastown

March 10, 2008

If you should go out to Vancouver today, you’re in for a big surprise.  After years of flagshippiness on grubby Granville, Fluevog have set up shop once again in their original stomping-ground in tourist-ridden Gastown.  This is incredibly convenient.  You can now buy your penis shoes and stuffed beavers without venturing more than a few footsteps.

By all evidence, the new store, at 65 Water Street, is spectacular.  Cavernous and sleek and adorned with the overlarge visage of a leathery Stone.

Have you been there?  Do tell.