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Happy International Fluevog Day!

May 15, 2008

You better be wearing Vogs today.

And you know you need more.  Check out teh dealz.


Vog Populi: New Pinup or Fellowship Hi?

April 23, 2008

vogpopuli If you receive the Fluevog newsletter or are a fan of Fluevog on Facebook, I’m about to bore you with stuff you’ve already heard.

Fluevog have a Vog Populi poll going, asking whether to expand the Pinup or FellowshipHi families.

I haven’t been able to vote yet.  I just can’t decide.  The Pinup family is a gorgeous WWII throwback style with some fascinating heel detail – I have two pairs (including the gorgeous maroon Miss November).  I only have one pair from the FellowshipHi family and it has a very comfy toe shape, but the heel is a bit dull.  However, it’s a FellowshipHi up there in the Flueblog banner, so that has to count for something.

Perhaps you’ll have better luck choosing.

Vote here.


Fluevog Sighting: Sarah Polley

April 21, 2008

State funding for kink.  I think this is something we can all get behind.  By getting behind this, we also get behind Sarah Polley which is definitely not a bad thing.

Polley went to Ottawa to fight for some bill that would ensure that movies with more interesting ratings would continue to get funding, and she did it in Fluevogs.

sarah polley

Red Mini Lovers, to be precise.  These are the same shoes that Whoopi rocked on ‘The View’.

Should you want these exact boots, you’re probably out of luck.  But if you’re okay with black or green/sage, is the place.


Polley photo credit and Vog id by


Fluevog Sighting: Rachel Bilson

April 11, 2008

Rachel Bilson in Fluevog Big Johns 

Rachel Bilson, who is just all-around adorable, butched it up a bit recently in a pair of Fluevog Big Johns.

Let’s hope the Devil has a cute allergy, because it would seem Bilson has foregone Satan-resistance by wearing these Angel shoes without their Angel soles.  There’s definitely something funky going on with the heel and bottom of those motorcycle boots, and close inspection of all the photos of said event would seem to reveal after-market non-genuine retreads.  Thank God for the paparazzi and their cataloguing of the mundane and the everyday, or we’d never know these things.

The Big John isn’t available on anymore, but Zappos has a few sizes: Fluevog Big Johns at Zappos.

Bilson photo from JustJared, Vog ID by ChicIntuition.

Big John


UPDATE: You know, on second thoughts, I think Bilson is actually wearing the Baby Ruth.  They’re an F-Shoe, not an Angel, so my dribble about Satan-resistance stands.  Remarkably similar shoes, though the Baby Ruth would seem to be current.  They’re available at Zappos or

Fluevog F-Shoe Baby Ruth


Spring Fluevogs Arrive

March 29, 2008

Spring’s a-coming!

It’s certainly not the weather that indicates that things are looking up, season-wise; it snowed today.  Instead, the calendar is marked in more Voggy ways: the arrival of new Fluevogs. has a couple of pages of the new stuff, mostly boring men’s stuff, orthopedic sandals and a relatively cute boot that comes in far too many variations upon the theme of ‘brown’.  The motherload is at Zappos.

spring 1

I’m unconvinced by the candy cane heels on the Blind Faith Nicolette.  The Teapot Yunnan is a tad straight-jackety.  The Ashbury is giving me ‘Nam flashbacks to those dreadful Diors Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing in the Sex and the City movie stills.

At least I adore the blue and brown Mini Pipsqueak (and hope it will come out in even more ice-cream colours).  And the purple Memories Truly is pretty cute, even if a bit too cutely pretty.  And satin.

Spring forecast: Partly sunny.

spring 2

UPDATE: Ooo! Even more new season styles can be spied in the snapshot of the Fluevog Gastown Opening Party here.


Fluevog Spotlight: Veggie Vogs

March 26, 2008

Veggie SuperVeg Apparently, this ‘environment’ thing is now cool.  We’re supposed to be caring about it.  I think that’s nice.

I don’t eat meat, and am amused by the automatic social conscience credit earned by this choice.  In fact, I think little of the terrible treatment of livestock and care less of the impact on my karma.  The truth is, a steak is an awfully overwhelming commitment, especially when it tastes kind of gross.  But I’m happy to go sorting through my rubbish bin, frown at SUV drivers and lament Big Business.  I’m always willing to embrace a cause at little personal cost.

I applaud the environmentalists who think daily of their footprint.  I think of mine too, and I insist it not be ugly.

Have you seen the Veggie Vogs?

More importantly, have you seen a more horrendous shoe?

The Angel is a great line of shoes – sturdy and dependable and just a little bit interesting.  They got dunked in the ugly vat in being veggiefied.  Is this the fashion version of a cilice?

Verdict: I wouldn’t marry this shoe, and I’d insist it shower before coming within ten metres.


Reason #49 Why We Love Fluevogs: They’re Timeless

March 19, 2008

clock2Fluevogs are never the highest fashion.  A Fluevog is anyone else’s shoe, rotated a precise 27 degrees to the left.  Fluevogs forge their own fashion.

Because Fluevogs are never of a time, they’re never past their time.  You never spend a couple of hundred dollars on a Fluevog and know you’ll only wear them for a season.  You can always wear your Fluevogs and know that they’ll always be noticed, appreciated or scorned on their own merits, not due to vagaries of opinion.

When I was a child, I imagined all the shoes that I’d buy when my feet stopped growing.  I imagined a pair of bone court shoes that I’d own in three different heights.  I’m happy to report that, fully-grown, I own neither bone shoes nor court shoes nor shoes in multiple heights.  But my Fluevog investments are of the same ilk: shoes I imagine wearing forever.