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Fluevog Sighting: Sarah Polley

April 21, 2008

State funding for kink.  I think this is something we can all get behind.  By getting behind this, we also get behind Sarah Polley which is definitely not a bad thing.

Polley went to Ottawa to fight for some bill that would ensure that movies with more interesting ratings would continue to get funding, and she did it in Fluevogs.

sarah polley

Red Mini Lovers, to be precise.  These are the same shoes that Whoopi rocked on ‘The View’.

Should you want these exact boots, you’re probably out of luck.  But if you’re okay with black or green/sage, is the place.


Polley photo credit and Vog id by


Fluevog Sighting: Rachel Bilson

April 11, 2008

Rachel Bilson in Fluevog Big Johns 

Rachel Bilson, who is just all-around adorable, butched it up a bit recently in a pair of Fluevog Big Johns.

Let’s hope the Devil has a cute allergy, because it would seem Bilson has foregone Satan-resistance by wearing these Angel shoes without their Angel soles.  There’s definitely something funky going on with the heel and bottom of those motorcycle boots, and close inspection of all the photos of said event would seem to reveal after-market non-genuine retreads.  Thank God for the paparazzi and their cataloguing of the mundane and the everyday, or we’d never know these things.

The Big John isn’t available on anymore, but Zappos has a few sizes: Fluevog Big Johns at Zappos.

Bilson photo from JustJared, Vog ID by ChicIntuition.

Big John


UPDATE: You know, on second thoughts, I think Bilson is actually wearing the Baby Ruth.  They’re an F-Shoe, not an Angel, so my dribble about Satan-resistance stands.  Remarkably similar shoes, though the Baby Ruth would seem to be current.  They’re available at Zappos or

Fluevog F-Shoe Baby Ruth


Fluevog Sighting: B.C. Finance Minister

February 22, 2008

Carole Taylor - Teapot Darjeelings - Photo: Debra Brash, Times Colonist

 Finally, politics made interesting.

Apparently, the first time she delivered a budget, British Columbia’s Finance Minister Carole Taylor took some flack for wearing $600 Guccis.  Her suitably amended ways took her via a certain Canadian shoe designer.

They look like Teapot Darjeelings, and the green is supposed to symbolise the environmentally-friendly slant of her upcoming budget.  Considering the shoes, I’d expect more of a Celadon Budget – if she were truly commited to the environment, she’d be rocking the Veggie Vogs.

 Tip: The Darjeelings are currently on sale for only $129, and the black ones in particular look great if you swap out the leather lace for some gorgeously coloured ribbon.


Fluevog Sighting: Speed Racer…probably

January 7, 2008

I caught the trailer for the new Speed Racer movie.  Short review: dreadful.

My experience, however, was improved by a Fluevog sighting.  Maybe.

See up there.  Big ole full-screen shot of a rather fabbo white men’s boot.  Looks like a Fluevog to me.  Unfortunately, it’s discontinued, my memory is shaky and my Google-fu is failing me, so I could be entirely imagining things.  Yes, I do, on occasion, imagine Fluevog-related things.

Please tell me you imagined this Fluevog too.  And in teal.  Or purple.  Pink?  Right?

UPDATED: Aha!  The Texas!

texas right

Right?  Except…no.

texas left


Fluevog on YouTube

December 10, 2007

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a TV commercial for Fluevogs

This ad makes a few things clear, the premier of which is that the core competancy of the Fluevog shoe company is making shoes.  For which we thank them.

Then again, the amateur efforts aren’t much better:

I do, however, approve of a music video that is simply a cat attacking a lovely pair of Supervogs:


Fluevog Sighting: Freaky Friday

October 11, 2007

Question: If you were the costume designer for a perenially remade movie about a mother-daughter body-switch, and you needed to costumically signify rebellious teenager in middle-aged body, would you look anywhere except John Fluevog?  (Then again, if you were a costume designer and therefore spending someone else’s dime, would you ever look anywhere except John Fluevog?)

In this suprisingly entertaining ‘romp’, the always fabulous Jamie-Lee Curtis, the temporarily fabulous Lindsay Lohan, and the, well, Chad Michael Murray, share the stage with the Lily Darling, the Bond Girl, and the red interlaced Couture Vog with forgotten name.  Jamie-Lee as Lindsay, let loose with her mother’s credit card, proceeds directly to shoe store.  Wise girl.  She struts up and down in the Darlings.  She falls off the side of the red mule thingys.  We’ve all been there. 

The Bond Girls may not be immortalised on celluloid, but they’re all over the poster.

Fluevogs: Visual shorthand for ‘Rebel Within’.


Seen Vogs on tv/in movie/on foot of celeb?  Let me know.


Fluevog Sighting: Whoopi on "The View"

September 18, 2007

Those yappy women on ‘The View’ sure do generate a lot of newsprint.  If it’s not Star, it’s Rosie.  If it’s not Rosie, it’s that wacko right-wing one with the footballer husband.  I’ve never seen the show but I’m absolutely positive I never want to.  Except.

Except I would like to have seen Whoopi’s first day as a co-host.

As per usual, Scandal Was Generated.  Whoopi apparently put forth some sort of “It’s because we’re black” defence of Michael Vick’s barbarism.  But I don’t want to see it for that.  I kinda love Whoopi, but mostly I want a closer look at her shoes.

Rumour has it that Whoopi was sporting Fluevogs.

The above pic was snatched from YouTube, and there’s certainly a Voggy flavour to that heel, but I just can’t confirm it.  (There might even be better shots on YouTube, but the commenters there and their concerted efforts to prove John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory consistently drive me away.)

Got a better pic?  Know which member of the family it was?  Let me know.

UPDATE: Sighting confirmed!  Kind and helpful reader Stephen let me know where I could find pics of Whoopi wearing two (two!) different pairs of Vogs on ‘The View’.  And that cleverly hidden location?

My cursory classification is the Mini Lover.