Vog Populi: New Pinup or Fellowship Hi?

April 23, 2008

vogpopuli If you receive the Fluevog newsletter or are a fan of Fluevog on Facebook, I’m about to bore you with stuff you’ve already heard.

Fluevog have a Vog Populi poll going, asking whether to expand the Pinup or FellowshipHi families.

I haven’t been able to vote yet.  I just can’t decide.  The Pinup family is a gorgeous WWII throwback style with some fascinating heel detail – I have two pairs (including the gorgeous maroon Miss November).  I only have one pair from the FellowshipHi family and it has a very comfy toe shape, but the heel is a bit dull.  However, it’s a FellowshipHi up there in the Flueblog banner, so that has to count for something.

Perhaps you’ll have better luck choosing.

Vote here.


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