Spring Fluevogs Arrive

March 29, 2008

Spring’s a-coming!

It’s certainly not the weather that indicates that things are looking up, season-wise; it snowed today.  Instead, the calendar is marked in more Voggy ways: the arrival of new Fluevogs.

Fluevog.com has a couple of pages of the new stuff, mostly boring men’s stuff, orthopedic sandals and a relatively cute boot that comes in far too many variations upon the theme of ‘brown’.  The motherload is at Zappos.

spring 1

I’m unconvinced by the candy cane heels on the Blind Faith Nicolette.  The Teapot Yunnan is a tad straight-jackety.  The Ashbury is giving me ‘Nam flashbacks to those dreadful Diors Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing in the Sex and the City movie stills.

At least I adore the blue and brown Mini Pipsqueak (and hope it will come out in even more ice-cream colours).  And the purple Memories Truly is pretty cute, even if a bit too cutely pretty.  And satin.

Spring forecast: Partly sunny.

spring 2

UPDATE: Ooo! Even more new season styles can be spied in the snapshot of the Fluevog Gastown Opening Party here.


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