Fluevog Spotlight: Veggie Vogs

March 26, 2008

Veggie SuperVeg Apparently, this ‘environment’ thing is now cool.  We’re supposed to be caring about it.  I think that’s nice.

I don’t eat meat, and am amused by the automatic social conscience credit earned by this choice.  In fact, I think little of the terrible treatment of livestock and care less of the impact on my karma.  The truth is, a steak is an awfully overwhelming commitment, especially when it tastes kind of gross.  But I’m happy to go sorting through my rubbish bin, frown at SUV drivers and lament Big Business.  I’m always willing to embrace a cause at little personal cost.

I applaud the environmentalists who think daily of their footprint.  I think of mine too, and I insist it not be ugly.

Have you seen the Veggie Vogs?

More importantly, have you seen a more horrendous shoe?

The Angel is a great line of shoes – sturdy and dependable and just a little bit interesting.  They got dunked in the ugly vat in being veggiefied.  Is this the fashion version of a cilice?

Verdict: I wouldn’t marry this shoe, and I’d insist it shower before coming within ten metres.



  1. I MUST respond to this persons comments about the Veggie Vog. FIRST, the writers final comment ‘shower before…’ Yea, to look at what is likely the CLEANEST shoe on MANY levels that this company and many other companies have ever made and see it dirty, epitomises how fallen the mass of our society is. To speak directly to the writer, you are so dirty you dont know waht clean is. To speak to any member of the Fluevog team, Im so sorry you had to have such negative review of such a noble and respectable effort/contribution.

    In further responce to the writers comments, the line ‘at little personal cost’, if they were arrogantly suggesting they are above the mass that, yes, is just in it because its cool or trendy then koodos for keepin it real; BUT considering what you shared here, you must have actually meant that about yourself. As long as what is bling, black, or traditional is seen as good looking, we, and I mean even us REAL environmentalists who give our mind, heart and money to restoring and empowering waht is ACTUALLY beautiful are left with some paradoxical, contradicting, synthetic, lab created, black (the lack, no life, filthy, no color color) shoes. I would pay double for a pair of these shoes, I found out too late they existed, and have been hoping and seeking ever since; hense I found this donkey’s review of what I think is a faint glimpse of what is left of light, truth, nature and CLEANLINESS. IF anyone can get me a pair of these in an 11 or even better 11.5 PLEASE let me know; Ill generously compensate you. Thank You John Fluevogs and ! VIVA Mother Nature !

  2. The shoe is hideous. I, obviously like the writer, am tired of having monstrosities like these, or worse, flip-flops passed off as conscious footwear.

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