Reason #49 Why We Love Fluevogs: They’re Timeless

March 19, 2008

clock2Fluevogs are never the highest fashion.  A Fluevog is anyone else’s shoe, rotated a precise 27 degrees to the left.  Fluevogs forge their own fashion.

Because Fluevogs are never of a time, they’re never past their time.  You never spend a couple of hundred dollars on a Fluevog and know you’ll only wear them for a season.  You can always wear your Fluevogs and know that they’ll always be noticed, appreciated or scorned on their own merits, not due to vagaries of opinion.

When I was a child, I imagined all the shoes that I’d buy when my feet stopped growing.  I imagined a pair of bone court shoes that I’d own in three different heights.  I’m happy to report that, fully-grown, I own neither bone shoes nor court shoes nor shoes in multiple heights.  But my Fluevog investments are of the same ilk: shoes I imagine wearing forever.


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