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Fluevog Spotlight: Body Part Pump

January 11, 2008

Big news over at Fluevog (besides the sale.  Oh, there’s a sale.) is the release of the Body Part Pump.

This shoe is in homage to the original Body Part, which was released a decade ago and carried John’s feelings about AIDS.  It was notable for a heel designed to be phallic.

The new Body Part is a rather gorgeous shoe, and I’d snap up the red one in an instant if my shoe collection weren’t already over-influenced by Dorothy (and if even I wasn’t put-off a little by the price).  But I have a bone to pick with the boner bit.

I’m all for a shoe that looks like a phallus.  However, I prefer my phallic shoes to have a little more…cock.

The new Body Part isn’t phallic at all, and the old one just barely skimmed the line.  If I’m going to buy $359 penis pumps, then I want the kinds of shoes that will cause the fainting of old ladies and the outcry of religious groups.

    body part

Verdict: I wouldn’t marry this shoe, and I’d expect the talk of its prowess to outstrip its performance.


Fluevog Sighting: Speed Racer…probably

January 7, 2008

I caught the trailer for the new Speed Racer movie.  Short review: dreadful.

My experience, however, was improved by a Fluevog sighting.  Maybe.

See up there.  Big ole full-screen shot of a rather fabbo white men’s boot.  Looks like a Fluevog to me.  Unfortunately, it’s discontinued, my memory is shaky and my Google-fu is failing me, so I could be entirely imagining things.  Yes, I do, on occasion, imagine Fluevog-related things.

Please tell me you imagined this Fluevog too.  And in teal.  Or purple.  Pink?  Right?

UPDATED: Aha!  The Texas!

texas right

Right?  Except…no.

texas left