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Is Designing a Fluevog Your Ultimate Dream?

December 21, 2007

We all know about the Open-Source Fluevog design thing.  (Small quibble: it’s not really Open-Source, that.  It’s not like the community is continually involved in the design process, and the developed design is released under the GPL.   It’s not like you can change the heel later because you hate what John did with it.  It’s really more “Out-Sourced” Design.  Or maybe “I’ve Run Out of Ideas, Please Give Me Some” Design.  Or “The Hipsters Think Commie Software is Cool, Let’s Run With It, It’ll Get Us Mentioned In All Sorts of Scholarly Texts” Design.)

Anyway, if your dreams run a little further than a colourful but crude pencil sketch of a fun shoe, and your design skills and experience back it up, there’s a position going as a Senior Designer at Fluevog.  Details here.

If a staff discount comes with the renumeration package, this might just be my fantasy job.  Pity I have the creative skills of a half-eaten Snickers bar.


A Very Fluevoggy Christmas

December 12, 2007

Fluevog Christmas Today’s Fluevog newsletter may be confused about the date (honey, you’re only allowed to get the year wrong for the first two weeks of January) but it reminds us that we need to order presents for everyone from by Sunday night in order to have them arrive by Christmas.

I think a finer point is that you have until Sunday night to be hinting to everyone you know that you’d like your Christmas to be shoe-shaped.  May your Christmas-morning surprises stamp pretty patterns across snow.


Fluevog on YouTube

December 10, 2007

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a TV commercial for Fluevogs

This ad makes a few things clear, the premier of which is that the core competancy of the Fluevog shoe company is making shoes.  For which we thank them.

Then again, the amateur efforts aren’t much better:

I do, however, approve of a music video that is simply a cat attacking a lovely pair of Supervogs:


Fluevog Not Shoes

December 6, 2007

In Australia, there is a chain of stores called “Just Jeans”.  They sell…yep, you guessed it, jea– actually, they sell all sorts of casual clothes.  Shirts, skirts, shorts, and occasionally jeans.  Somehow, “Occasionally Jeans” doesn’t have the same ring.

These days, Fluevog Shoes isn’t Just Shoes either.  They have laces, and soles and heel replacements.  And they have bags and belt buckles and sometimes t-shirts.  Someone on Livejournal can even sell you a Fluevog watch, if you so desire. 

The belt buckles are the big new things, but it’s the bags that hit right in the Fluevog Nerve.  Big and chunky and weird and expensive and beautiful.  Covet.