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Fluevog Spotlight: Operetta Illeana

September 26, 2007

This little lady is a complicated lass.

Sometimes, she’s Liana, a school-teacher type. A little bit sensible, a little bit crunchy, with her comfortable heel, her woven leather and her floaty skirts. She’s the type to take her class out on a nice blue day to show them clouds and help them find shapes.

At other times, she’s Illeana, and she takes prisoners. She comes out at night, and with her straps and her buckles, she steps firmly and confidently and takes you places you’ve never been.

Verdict: I wouldn’t marry this shoe, but I’d date both its personalities to make the other one jealous.


Currency Woes Impact Fluevog Prices?

September 24, 2007

Joanna over on the Get Satisfaction board has raised a fine point.  With the kamikaze American dollar playing tag with the loonie, hasn’t yet caught up.  The example she gives is the Soprano Katia: CDN$285 but USD$239.  I presume it’s the same in the stores.

Canadians: Time to make friends with an American who knows their way to a post office.

Americans: This could mean prices going up in the near future.  Do you need an excuse to buy buy buy now now now?

UPDATE: According to the Fluevog FAQ, Canadian taxes and duties are the culprit here.


Fluevog Newsletter – September 2007

September 20, 2007

The Fluevog Newsletter came scudding into inboxes today.  It told us all about four beautiful new shoe families, an online shipping offer and the Vog Populi ad placement results which was all very nice.  Most importantly, it told us all how good a certain person is at identifying Fluevogs.  That person is me.  Yep, Whoopi’s shoes on ‘The View’ were the Mini Lovers, and apparently she recently wore the Operetta Giulias too.

This second paragraph is merely to give you time to wonder why you’re reading about the newsletter here, instead of actually reading it in your inbox.  Are you wondering?  If the answer is that you’re not yet a fan enough to be a subscriber, then it’s lucky I’ve given you time here to also wonder why you’re reading a blog about Fluevog at all.  Go take a walk.  Wash the dog.  Pluck your eyebrows; they’re looking raggy.


Behold the Voltron Vog

September 19, 2007

I have a complex relationship with Shoewawa‘s coverage of Fluevog shoes.

As I linked in a previous post, a Vog has been featured in their Ugly Shoe of the Week, and  when they’ve said nice things, it’s about a shoe I personally find atrocious.

This is the shoe they featured as last week’s Ugly Shoe.  It’s the Manoles Bottine Moccasin Bootie.

Firstly, Shoewawa are right: that’s a damn ugly shoe.  Secondly, what’s with calling it a “moccasin”?  Does having a fold-down qualify?  Because I’m almost positive the Plains Indians weren’t getting around in flashy patent leather with a jaunty velvet bow.  Thirdly, “bootie” is a dumb word.

Fourthly, fifthly and finally, I declare this shoe the inspiration for a new categorisation of footwear: this may not be a Vog, but it’s a Voltron Vog.

Throw a couple of members of the Listen/Listen Up families into the hopper, add a liberal dose of ‘hideous’ and munch well.  Out pops the stupid bootie.


Fluevog Sighting: Whoopi on "The View"

September 18, 2007

Those yappy women on ‘The View’ sure do generate a lot of newsprint.  If it’s not Star, it’s Rosie.  If it’s not Rosie, it’s that wacko right-wing one with the footballer husband.  I’ve never seen the show but I’m absolutely positive I never want to.  Except.

Except I would like to have seen Whoopi’s first day as a co-host.

As per usual, Scandal Was Generated.  Whoopi apparently put forth some sort of “It’s because we’re black” defence of Michael Vick’s barbarism.  But I don’t want to see it for that.  I kinda love Whoopi, but mostly I want a closer look at her shoes.

Rumour has it that Whoopi was sporting Fluevogs.

The above pic was snatched from YouTube, and there’s certainly a Voggy flavour to that heel, but I just can’t confirm it.  (There might even be better shots on YouTube, but the commenters there and their concerted efforts to prove John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory consistently drive me away.)

Got a better pic?  Know which member of the family it was?  Let me know.

UPDATE: Sighting confirmed!  Kind and helpful reader Stephen let me know where I could find pics of Whoopi wearing two (two!) different pairs of Vogs on ‘The View’.  And that cleverly hidden location?

My cursory classification is the Mini Lover.



Reason #76 Why We Love Fluevogs: They Inspire Emotion

September 13, 2007

 It’s hard to be ambivalent about Fluevogs.  “Ugly”, “weird-looking” and “hideous” say some.  The rest of us sometimes say the same thing, but call it a reason for love.  At other times, we say “gorgeous” and “inspired” and “gimme”.

A new Fluevog can steal our breath.  A new Fluevog can make us instantly covet.  And then sometimes, a new Fluevog can cause us to regret lunch.

I’ve had people stop me in the street to ask where I got my shoes.  I’ve had my adored footwear damned with faint praise (“Oh, they’re colourful” and “Well, they’re unusual”).  And I’ve seen others’ choices and wondered if they had some strange reason for picking the bad ones.

Say what you will about Fluevogs, but never say “meh”.


Fluevog Spotlight: Grand National

September 11, 2007

Let’s kick this thing off with a bang.

Voted “Shoe Most Likely to Need Hosing Off”, the Grand National is a Fluevog icon.  The open lacing, the cloven heel – this is the shoe fetishists pined for during the dark non-Grand National years.  There are rumours about a lost mould, but at the end of ’04, it returned and it was grand.

The reunion tour had four members – the classic black knee-high, the shoe, the corsetry-laced mid-calf and the red pony knee-high.  The shoe was for people too cheap for the knee-high.  The corsetry-laced was for anyone who enjoys looking like a particularly well-netted tuna.  The red pony was for those who wear both smokey eyes and dark lips.  The classic black knee-high was the way to go.  This is the boot for family reunions, church socials and work functions.  This is the boot that warns “No, you don’t want to ask me about my personal life, my answers would break your mind.”

And if you haven’t bought it already, you may be out of luck.  It’s back in the Flueseum on the site, and the stores are running low.  Have you seen it still available anywhere?

Verdict: I wouldn’t marry this shoe, but I’d have wild sex with it in the basement at my grandparents’ house.